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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> it really sounded like a rushing river. >> good evening. >> well, it took all day, but the daly city neighborhood near hillside park has finally dug itself out of that mess after a water main burst and buried it in mud. cbs 5 reporter linda shows us there are still some concerns hanging over homeowner's heads. literally, linda. >> yes, there are, ken. the river of mud just swept down this hillside narrowly missing a couple of homes, but it did take out this car, one of a dozen parked out here on the street. >> work crews got the streets cleared by night fall. a wall of mud buried these streets. people were startled awake just before 4:30 when police ordered them out of their homes. >> basically we saw just three feet high mud blocking the whole street. >> an 8-inch pipe connected to a water tank in the hills above
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them ruptured. 45,000 gallons of water cascaded downhill, carving a giant trench, sending a river of mud to the streets, just missing atruro romero's home. >> the mud went the other way, my house and this house going to fall down. >> no homes were damaged but people were helpless as they saw their cars swallowed up. >> like, oh my gosh, god please help us. >> city officials blame a cast-iron pipe that was made in the 1930s. a portion of it can be seen in this picture from chopper 5. >> you can see the pipe actually sheered off. we know that we've got pipes in the ground that are probably, you know, close or past the useful life. that's not uncommon with any community within the bay area. >> engineers tested the integrity of the hillside. people were back in their homes after the few hour sgls hopefully there's nothing really going to happen at all, especially with the rain coming this weekend. >> are you worried about that and the stability of the hill.
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>> they better update us as soon as possible. >> now, city officials are saying they do the best they can to keep up and repair or restore some of these ageing pieps, but they also admit tonight that there are probably many more old pipes out there that are vulnerable. reporting live in daly city, linda, cbs 5. >> so who is going to pay that cleanup bill? well, we did some checking. the car owners whose auto insurance policies include xrengs coverage are automatically protected no matter where their cars were parked. they should file a claim immediately. drivers who koent have comprehensive coverage should submit a claim to the city within six months. forms are available at daly city city hall. and we have breaking news at san francisco city hall. a small fire in an electrical room in the basement triggered the smoke alarms and forced the evacuation of the building. about ten minutes ago, the fire department told us that there is minor damage to that electrical room. they aren't sure what started
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it, but city hall should be open for business as usual tomorrow. we're getting the first look at two guys who police say kidnapped a woman, threw her in the back of her car, and drove her around from atm to atm. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook is in walnut creek with the surveillance video. liz. >> well, dana, police say it was here at the shade lands business park where that woman was kidnapped. now, police are relying on very revealing surveillance video to help them catch the suspects. >> watch this. two men pull up to an atm. police say they try today withdraw money from the woman's account while she sits in terror in the backseat. police say they went by the names david and aubrey. aubrey takes off his mask to use the atm. he's a white guy in his early 20s, 5-9 and 150 pounds and a slight build wearing a black hoodie and jeans. his cohort david, white, mid
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20s, 5-11, 185 pounds, has short dark hair and bronzed shoulders. he's waerg a light-colored t-shirt under a black zip up and jeans. after driving around to two to three different atms, the suspects abandoned the woman and the car in the oakland hills. they troef off in what police think was a get away car. dave carlson comes to the shade lands business park a couple times a week to pick up his kids. >> oh my god, this usually doesn't happen here i. eve never heard anything else like that in this area. >> now, the woman was able to free hearst and make her way to a nearby home where she then called 911. police won't say how much money was actually taken or the extent of her injuries, only that she is mostly recovered. they're not even sure that david or aubrey are the suspects' real names. they are asking if anyone has any information, to contact the walnut creek police department. live in walnut creek, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. and new tonight the man accused of mushding morgan hill
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teenager sierra lamar is facing more charges but they do not relate to her disappearance. 21-year-old is being charged with three count of attempted kidnapping during a carjacking. those date back to march of 2009. torres was arrested in mae for kidnapping and murder even though lamar's body has not been found. well, forget black friday. this year it's all about black thursday. target will open its doors at 9:00 p.m. thanksgiving night. one california employee says enough. cbs 5 reporter kid on her nationwide campaign to put the holiday back in thanksgiving. kit. >> well, ken, the woman's name is casey st. claire. she's a part-time employee here at target and she is standing up for thanksgiving and calling out her own employer. she has started an online petition to try to get target to shut its doors on thanksgiving.
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so far it's got more than 2 hun thousand signatures. . >> when i first started, i think the first black friday i worked, target opened at 5:00 a.m. on friday so that was actually a black friday. so then it went to 4:00 a.m., then it went to mid nieshths and now it's black thursday because you're opening on thanksgiving day. i want to keep thanksgiving as a day where the stores are close and had everyone gets to spend the time with their family. i'm not looking to get fired even though i know in the back of my head that's something that could happen. >> and this is target's latest commercial that says black friday actually starts on thursday at 9:00 p.m. so it doesn't look like the company is backing down. spokesperson says target's opening time was carefully evaluated with our guests, team, and business in mind. across the country team member preferences were considered in creating store staffing schedules. now, some critics say that they should be thankful that she has a job. she says that just because she has a job doesn't mean she
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should keep her mouth shut and accept everything that her employer does. ken. >> all right. thank you for that. we have some examples of e-mails at the head of u.s. forces in afghanistan exchanged with jill kelley. she's a florida socialite at the center of the sex scandal that cost cia chief david petraeus his job. kelley would e-mail general john allan something like saw you on television and you were terrific and allan would respond with "thanks, sweetheart:" but another senior defense official said some of the e-mails appeared to be more than just friendly exchanges or terms of endearment. allan was in line to become the military head of nato and that is now on hold. so who exactly is jill kelley? she is a 37-year-old married mother of three. she's done a lot of volunteer work with the military in florida but cbs reporter john miller tells us she was caught
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claiming to be someone she wasn't. >> dr. scott kelley a prominent tampa surgeon and his wife jill, a socialite, are on all the right vip lists at the air force base, but according to current and former military officials, jill was a force to be reckoned with. kelley participated in events to welcome officer from foreign countries and was even given a certificate naming her honorary ambassador. a state department spokesman went to pains to say the obvious today she was never an official u.s. ambassador. >> she does not work for the state department and has no formal affiliation with the state department. >> but in 911 calls made to tampa police this week about trespassing reporters, jill kelley seems to indicate that her property is considered diplomatic soil. >> i'm an honorary consulate general so i have -- so they should not be able to cross my
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property. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved, as well. >> a former military officer told us kelley often sought to bypass protocol officer and make direct connections with the top generals such as david petraeus and general john allan. she also courted their wooifs. sources de scribe her as a prolific e-mailer and caller. one admiral instructed an aid, you'll have to manage her for me. >> allan and petraeus were also linked to a child custody case involving jill kelley's twin sister. both men wrote letters to the court after the sister was denied custody of her son. there's been a lot of speculation about what's next for house minority leader nancy palosi and she's going to keep us guessing for a few more hours it seems. >> what time is it now? it's 2:00 on tuesday. i'll see you right here 10:00 tomorrow morning. while i love you all very dearly, i thought maybe i would talk to my own caucus before i
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shared that information with you. >> so far palosi has refuse today say whether she'll keep her leadership post or give it up. there's also talks about possible retirement. burglars strike a bay area museum. what they were after and why the security guards just sat and watched as they made their get away. >> you can't really hear the person right next to you. >> apple's newest bay area store is getting a lot of buzz for all the wrong reasons. tonight we put it to the decibel test to see how loud it really is. how does this former nfl linebacker end up living in a tunnel? . >> things were breaking down. >> why the hits he took as a 49er may have led to his homelessness. broken dreams, coming up next
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces,
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what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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museum, and made off with valuable artifacts. but as cbs 5 reporter . a heist at a bay area museum. burglars broke into the oakland museum and made off with valuable artifacts but a cbs 5
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reporter kristen tells us the most fascinating part is what the security guards did while the krooks gathered up the loot and got away. >> complete shock. you never think it's going to happen to your museum. >> a smash and grab museum heist straight out of the hollywood movie. >> i think what people think of is the thomas crown affair. >> it happened around midnight. thieves snuck on to the oakland museum of california's 7-acre campus and forced their way into the california history gallery. >> we believe that -- that the burglars knew what they were after, that they had planned for it, that they came prepared. >> prepared to steal some of the most valuable items in the mu sichlt officials won't say what, but they were precious artifacts under mreks glass. the burglars shattered the glass and got out in three minutes. security guards saw it happen from surveillance monitors and per protocol called police but not before the burglars took off. >> i mean, nothing sacred.
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you just wouldn't think someone would break into museum. how do you even sell something you take out of the museum. >> it had never happened before in the oakland museum's 43-year history. it may have been the work of copy cats. >> there has been some high-profile museum thefts in recent months and years. >> it might be the inspiration of those guys that just stole all the picassos and everything. >> the gallery that was targeted will be closed through tomorrow. museum officials hope to reopen it on thursday. in oakland, kristen airs, cbs 5. long lines don't lie. some customers are complaining that the company's new store in palo alto left their ears ringing because it's so loud inside. the buzz at that store is all about the acoustics. one former top apple executive tested the decibel levels with a special device. we conducted the same test with
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results sometimes reaching up to 80 decibels. that's louder than out in the street. >> noise level works like scuba diving. the teeper you go, the less time you can spend. the noise, the louder something is, the less time you can safely spend in the noise. >> some customers say the store is so loud they can't hear the person next to them. 49ers quarterback alex smith is apparently going to get a second opinion about the concussion he suffered on sunday. going to come along and have more on that in sports but first we meet up with a former 49er, a linebacker who played until concussions knocked him out of the game for food. cbs reporter steve large went to find out whether the hits he took for the team led him to his life on the streets. >> it may have looked picture
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perfect. the 1981 49er, a break out season celebrated before huge candle stick crowds. >> san francisco, 17 to 14. >> but some names from that team are now long forgotten. the 49ers traded linebacker during the super bowl season. after his career ended, he traded the stadium tunnel for this tunnel, under a freeway. totola became homeless. to understand totola's journey to homelessness, we needed the help of his old 49er's roommate. vis ker never made it to the super bowl either. a series of con suggestion ended his playing career early and left him with brain damage. >> from the pump back here it fwoes down the side of my neck. >> 30 years after they parted ways, vis ker wanted to bring
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his old friend to his doctor to find out if the hits totola took on the field have left him damage sdmrd you look at him, the teeth missing, the eyes sungen in. you ask him, oh, i don't have any issues. >> how are you doing, brother. >> good. >> hey, george. >> how are you doing. >> i'm good. how are you. >> totola's vilt to doctor, a polite introduction only. >> so any concerns at all about how you feel or how you function. >> no. >> he chose not to tell the doctor that since retiring, he'd been in and out of homelessness, divorced twice, and has had anger management counseling. >> we've known for a long time that traumatic brain injury is associated with drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, suicide, panic attacks, not sleeping,
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homelessness, trouble in your marriage and trouble with your job. >> totola took me back to his tunnel and showed me where he took shelter from the rain. >> when you told people that were living here homeless that you played in the nfl --. >> oh, i didn't tell them. >> he says he blamed his troubles on his marriage and other family relationships. >> things are breaking down, but it's all due to me, you know. maybe i speeded up because of football. >> for totola, life after football hasn't been as simple as xs and os, but he can't say why. >> i'm not a role model. i just wanted to play football. >> totola says he does not feel that the nfl owes him anything, but he has not ruled out going to get a complete medical assessment. 3500-plus former players have signed onto a class-action lawsuit alleging the nfl concealed the long-term health
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risks of con suggestions. totola is not one of them. well, quite a life already, and he's only four days old. three oakland police officers helped deliver a baby at a shell gas station in the nolan park neighborhood friday night. today, the baby, his parents and the officers reunited at the police station. >> i don't know -- if it wasn't for god putting these three officers in place, no matter what they was doing, you know, that was just -- these -- these three guys is always going to be a blessing to me, no matter what happens. . >> yeah, miller a very grateful dad. luckily one of the officer who helped deliver the baby is a former nursing assistant. by the way, the parents named their son knowland shell after the park and the gas station. the police chief named baby knowland an honorary officer and says he hopes to see him in the
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police academy class of 2037. good evening to you. neat rolgs paul. coming up next find out when this radar high deaf doppler will be lit up like a christmas tree. coming soon, your forecast next ,, mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente.
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kaiser permanente. thrive
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. not often we say this but we're going to start off weather in australia. why? pretty cool video. toe tool solar eclipse earlier today. the last one of its kind anywhere on earth for about three years. sun just literally disappeared middle of the day. it's back now, thankfully, and it'll be back for us coming up tomorrow. we'll start off with where we are right now, another chilly night but not as cold the past couple of nights. looking at low 50s for livermore, san jose. warm spots are oakland and san francisco right now in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow morning wake up to 52 in san francisco going for that ely morning jog in redwood city, 46 in san jose, 46 degrees. high deaf doppler completely dry but boy do we have a change coming. the rain will arrive on friday between now and then we have high pressure still in control
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for one more day but will be moving out. right on the northern fringe of things. if you were in marin county today, mostly cloudy in san jose and monterey mostly sunny. will be once again tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, and actually because of the storm system well off to the west we're getting more of a southerly flow so a rain system is actually helping us be sunny and warm. low pressure wins the battle in the sky. it's going to start raining on friday. it will rain friday, saturday, sunday. i'm running off fingers, monday, and tuesday. a lot of rain fall moving into the bay area. five straight days with the rain chance it begins on friday. tomorrow, wednesday, beautiful. we're still dry. on friday, that's when the rain begins so enjoy tomorrow, the last sunny day for awhile. san francisco, livermore, san jose all running about 3 to 7 degrees above average. palo alto 71, hayward 70. low 70s for pittsburgh and 70
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for ken field. extended forecast cloudier but still dry on thursday, rain moves in on friday, does not leave until next tuesday. that is your cbs 5 forecast. would you lie about concussion symptoms? which bay area skipper took home manager of the year? see you next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more concussions to playersn sunday, the nfl players unin reportedly wants independent pecialists to be . following four more concussions to players on sunday, the nfl players union reportedly wants independent concussion specialists to be on the sidelines for every game. alex smith reportedly is seek a second opinion on the concussion that he suffered in sunday's tie against st. louis. he saw a neurologist yesterday. he's got to be cleerd medically to play on monday. smith remained in the game with blurred vision. in a poll conducted this week by the sporting news, 56% of nfl players pulled said they would hide concussion symptoms. one player said quote we know what we signed up for in this game unquote. now, the 49ers play chicago monday night here on cbs 5. both smith and bears quarterback
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suffered concussions on sunday. cut ler is listed as doubt ft. major league baseball, they made a big to do out of naming the manager of the year today. check out their exciting announcer. >> well, bob melvin won the american league manager of the year beating out baltimore's buck showalter. melvin took team that many thought would lose a hun fwams. instead they won the division. it's the second time melvin has won the award. it is the first a skipper to win since tony louis in 1982. >> absolutely shocked. i mean, just to be talked about in the same light with, you know, respected baseball people like buck sho water is quite an honor for me so, yeah, shocked will be the word. >> de spite winning the world series giants skipper bruce takes third by a distant margin and the nfl manager of the year voting behind war wa. the guy national 98 wins, the
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franchise's first play off appearance. i have in my hand the top five. at no. 5, the nicks are 5 and 0. carmelo anthony, 27 points. again, they're 5 and 0 for the first time. the spurs danny green with 9 seconds left and the lakers are 3 and 5. they lodz 84-82. no. 3, look at the pass to drake daniels, huskies beat vermont 67 to 49. how about ir ving, he had career and the calves lost to the nets tonight. at no. 1, how many belgians does it take to make basket? can you count? you're probably asking why were there no de fenders? because it was his own basket. hello, mcfly. we'll be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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